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Hi avid TV FAN-AT-ICS!.

Welcome to Talking Recaps! A website designed for Aussies who love Reality TV – Both local and international.

My favourite international reality show is Survivor and I do a weekly podcast that can be found on the site. I also love to watch all those international guilty pleasures like The Bachelor, Big Brother US/Canada & The Amazing Race.

Local TV reality shows like MKR, I’m a Celeb, MasterChef, House Rules, Aussie Bachelor and the upcoming season of Australian Survivor.

Besides reality I also love to watch and talk about The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones and Aussie gems like Wentworth and Offspring.


Admin Ryan

Australian Reality TV, Movie & Pop Cultural website. If you would like to contact me to promote your Podcast or Feature article you can contact me on Twitter @YesRyanB

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About Ryan Brink (123 Articles)
Creator of Behind Survivor. Editor/Podcaster. Find me on Twitter at @ryanvbrink

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